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SMS - Safety Management System

Aviation safety is top priority at Luxembourg Air Navigation Administration


The safety of our passengers, crew members and Luxembourg inhabitants ranks as our first priority.

Our commitment to safety is written down in our aviation safety policy, which stipulates that:

 « Luxembourg Air Navigation Administration’s main objective in aviation safety is to reduce its contribution to an accident to the minimum».

« Luxembourg Air Navigation Administration grants aviation safety the highest priority in the frame of its services to air navigation.

Aviation safety will prevail over any other commercial, operational, environmental or social consideration.»

How is aviation safety guaranteed ?

Eurocontrol, who is the European organization in charge of aviation safety, has published the “Eurocontrol Safety Regulatory Requirements”, also called ESARR’s.

These requirements aim at a constant improvement of aviation safety.

6 ESARR’s have been published sofar :

  • ESARR 1: “Safety Oversight in ATM”
  • ESARR 2: “Reporting and Assessment of safety Occurrences in ATM”
  • ESARR 3: “Safety Management system in ATM”
  • ESARR 4: “Risk assessment and mitigation in ATM”
  • ESARR 5: “ATM Services’ Personnel”
  • ESARR 6: “Software in ATM Systems”

The European Commission integrated these ESARR’s within one common regulation.  This regulation was then enforced to a national law by each member state of the European Civil Aviation Conference.

In order to ensure strict adherence to this common regulation and thus to guarantee a high level of aviation safety, the Luxembourg Air Navigation Administration has implemented and developed a safety management system.

The implementation and application of the safety policy within the safety management system consists in three fundamental concepts, which are :

Achieving a high aviation safety level

By specific processes and activities, in order to ensure that aviation safety performance achieves the highest standards.

Maintaining a high aviation safety level

By specific processes and activities, enabling Management to monitor that risks are adequately handled within their respective areas, thus guaranteeing a high aviation safety level.

Promoting aviation safety

By a specific approach, aiming at developing safety culture, and encouraging the reporting of any safety related item, in order to eliminate unnecessary risks and error repetition.