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AER - Aerodrome department

The aerodrome department is a new department that will be created soon..

It's main tasks will consist of:

  • upkeepand ongoing maintenance of runways, taxiways, and green areas;
  • ensuring the operational functioning of the airport and respect of easement rights related to air navigation;
  • defining themajor civil engineering and infrastructure projects related to aviation;
  • definingany major changes of the airport lighting concept;
  • managing andcoordinating all activities related to aerodrome operations;
  • ensuringtechnology watch of aerodrome equipment and systems within the framework of strategies developed at European and international level;
  • ensuring snow clearing and gritting, in collaboration with the concerned departments;
  • coordinating safety management relative toworks affecting aerodrome operations;
  • ensuring theprevention of bird strikes and management of fauna and flora;