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Air Navigation Administration

Logo ANAThe Luxembourg Administration de la Navigation Aérienne (ANA) is responsible for managing and operating many parts of Luxembourg Airport, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s only commercial airport.

The airport serves the needs of the Grand Duchy’s inhabitants and many in the surrounding states. The airport is operated jointly by ANA, which provides air traffic services and manages the aerodrome activities, and lux-Airport, which operates the passenger terminal.

The airport offers passengers a choice of around 65 international destinations and is a hub for freight transport across the world. The airport provides its users with efficient connectivity to major cities and decision-making centres in Europe and plays a vital role in the economic and social development of Luxembourg.

In 2013 the airport handled over 80,000 flights (including passenger transport, cargo and leisure flights). Each was provided by ANA with air traffic control services, navigation facilities and airport facilities to ensure that the flights continue safely in almost all weather conditions.

The airport fully recognises while aviation plays an essential role in the Luxembourgish economy it also needs to ensure the industry minimises its environmental impact and supports sustainable activity wherever possible. ANA has reached agreement with local communities and other groups to use operational procedures which reduce noise nuisance and unnecessary emissions when these are practical. Although only a very few flights are routinely accepted at night – primarily medical flights and aircraft based at Luxembourg that are delayed – the airport is fully operational and available 24 hours a day for emergency and other urgent needs.

ANA’s airport operations are supported by a dedicated and highly-skilled team of around 200 people with technical expertise ranging from meteorology to high-voltage electrical installation, from radio-navigation aid operation to air traffic control, and from wildlife management to fire-fighting. In addition to those directly employed to operate the airport, the airport indirectly provides employment for about 6000 people.

Logo FABECANA is a member of FABEC "Functional Airspace Block Europe Central", an initiative of the European Commission which brings together the air navigation service providers of six States -Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Eurocontrol Maastricht UAC. FABEC aims to operate ‘as one’ and to provide airspace users throughout the region with the highest level of safety, thereby generating significant added value while the utmost effort is made to reduce the impact on the environment.

In recent years ANA has worked hard to improve the service it provides to airport users and introduced a Quality Management System (QMS) which was first certified as compliant with ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems, in 2008. The QMS has since evolved to reflect changes in the airport operation and to further improve our services. This work, and the benefits that it brings for the airport and its users, was recognised in 2014 when ANA was the winner of le Prix Luxembourgeois de la Qualité et de l’Excellence.

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