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"Performance Based Navigation" (PBN) implementation workshop on 07.06.18

PBN implementation workshop

On June 7th, ANA invited all airlines and stakeholders to a one day workshop in the framework of starting a satellite navigation based flight procedures implementation program for Luxembourg Airport.

The objective of the workshop was to make a first report about the benefits of the CDO (Continuous Descent Operations) implemented in 2017 at Luxembourg Airport, to introduce the PBN (Performance Based Navigation) Implementation Plan for Luxembourg and to present the Concept of Operation.

Findel airport platform was well represented with actors from Cargolux, Luxair, Jetfly, Luxaviation, Smart Cargo, LFTA, CAE Aviation, LAR (Luxembourg Air Rescue) as well as the DAC (Direction de l’Aviation Civile).

Gérard Boby and Marc Bosseler from ATC APP with the support of Marylin Bastin from Belgocontrol have presented them the concept for RNP approach procedures, new STARs and transitions in RNAV.

Airlines have been asked for operational feedback which is essential to cover their requirements and concerns related to PBN implementation.

At the end of the day a working group with representatives of most airlines has been established to develop the roadmap planning works in the coming months.

Developing and promoting Satellite Navigation based flight procedures is one of ICAO’s (International Civil Aviation Organisation) top priorities (Requirement by ICAO for 2020 (Resolution A37-11)).

PBN will have significant benefits :

It will improve efficiency and airspace capacity, reduce aviation congestion, improve safety, reduce infrastructures, reduce environmental impact, save fuel, reduce the impact of aircraft noise, guaranty interoperability, maintain reliable, all-weather operations and provide operators with greater flexibility.

The outcome of the workshop was positive, users showed interest in the project, gave a lot of feedback on the proposal made and wished to be involved in the implementation of PBN at Luxembourg airport.

The first working group meeting will take place on the 13th of July at ANA.