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MUAC provides fall-back controller working position services to ANA
18-07-2017 / 18-07-2017

Following an agreement concluded in January 2017, EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) delivered two fall-back controller working positions (FLB-CWP) to the Administration de la navigation aérienne (ANA) in June 2017. To serve the specific needs of the ANA approach terminal manoeuvring area, the working position software was slightly adapted by MUAC, and dedicated map data was incorporated by ANA.

To complete the new Luxembourg Fallback Service (LFS), MUAC is sharing its multi-radar surveillance data (which include radar data provided by ANA partner Belgocontrol), as generated by the Maastricht Data Processing and Display System (MADAP), over a wide-area network connection to these FLB-CWP’s.

As part of the LFS, and in line with the ATM Data as a Service concept, MUAC is also administering second- and third-line maintenance of the working positions, including problem solving and periodic hardware replacement (typically every 6 years), while ANA is responsible for day-to-day system monitoring.

In order to ensure the smooth operational introduction of the LFS during the second half of 2017, ANA is preparing a dedicated technical and operational briefing for its staff based on material provided by MUAC.

In general, fall-back systems are used as a substitute not only during planned primary system updates, but in particular in the event of any primary system outage, and are therefore designed to be as different as possible from the primary system. The Maastricht Fallback System (MFS), which LFS is based on, was implemented in-house at MUAC and has been in successful operational use since 2006. MFS, and now also LFS, feed a second video signal to the operator screen, providing an independent air situation picture which an air traffic controller can revert to at any time.


About MUAC (Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre)

MUAC airspace 

Operated by EUROCONTROL on behalf of four States, MUAC provides control for the upper airspace (above 24,500 feet, i.e. approximately 7,500 metres) of Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and north-west Germany. The international area it covers is an example of the simplification and harmonisation of airspace in Europe. More than 1.78 million flights pass through MUAC’s area of responsibility each year.

More information: www.eurocontrol.int/muac