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FABEC Performance Report 2016

In 2016, the service quality in terms of safety, capacity/punctuality and flight efficiency remained at a high level. This is the core message provided by the seven FABEC air navigation service providers ANA (Luxembourg), Belgocontrol (Belgium), DFS (Germany), DSNA (France), LVNL (Netherlands), MUAC (EUROCONTROL), and skyguide (Switzerland) in their annual performance report 2016.

All-time high

Last year air traffic controllers guided 5,79 million flights (+ 3,2 percent compared to 2015) through FABEC airspace. This was an all-time high, topping the historical peak reached in 2007.

With regard to the traffic development at European airports, Amsterdam Schiphol and Paris Charles de Gaulle overtook London Heathrow and became the busiest airports in Europe.

Safety record

In 2016, there were once again no accidents of civil aircraft caused by air navigation services in FABEC airspace.

The level of safety was consistently high as proven by data on separation minima infringements and runway incursions. The number of separation minima infringements with ATM contribution declined by 5,18% (from 1.023 in 2015 to 970 in 2016). Runway incursions with ATM contribution dropped by 18,88 % (from 143 in 2015 to 116 in 2016).

Passengers are arriving on time

94,1 percent of all flights conducted in 2016 were punctual, meaning that they experienced no ATFM en-route delays. 97,5 percent were within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

2016 graph punctuality 15min delay

Continuous Environmental improvement

In 2016, the average en-route distance per flight in FABEC airspace was 513 km, 9 km longer (1,7 percent) than the average direct route. Taking into account that there will always be some deviations due to military activities, weather, aircraft separation requirements and requirements from airspace operators to deviate from the direct route due to wind or other parameters, this is a score which allows for only marginal improvements in the future.

 2016 graph environ comparison



The report is available under
Fabec performance report 2016

The airspace of the six FABEC States of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland is one of the busiest and most complex in the world. Most major European airports, major civil airways and military training areas are located in this area. FABEC airspace covers 1,7 million km² and handles about 5,8 million flights per year – 55% of European air traffic. The seven civil air navigation service providers are ANA (Luxembourg), Belgocontrol (Belgium), DFS (Germany), DSNA (France), LVNL (Netherlands), MUAC (EUROCONTROL), and skyguide (Switzerland).